Role of I.T. in Corporate and Finance

In today’s modern age, automation and data transmission played a key role in any organization. Companies have adapted a fast-paced environment that would require instant progress. With technology, corporations and banking institutions can now enjoy the benefits of being digitally progressive and keeping up with today’s industry trends. Here at DSI, we provide complete IT solutions for your sector.


Bringing new possibilities and potential for corporate communications

VoIP Business Telephony

Cutting-edge telecommunications solution by interconnecting legacy TDM and serial systems with new-generation IP-based voice, data, and multimedia technologies to support the ongoing development of the corporate and financial sector.

Integrated Security Systems

Offering a wide range of protection, performance and privacy solutions to reduce risks and threats to your hosted PBX.

Workforce Solution

Monitoring tools that would help your industries in assessing virtual and remote employees. Software and hardware solutions where you can access data for KPI measurement of your agents.

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Arming you and your colleagues to be more productive and reliable in your organization

Workforce Solutions

Making present and remote employees productive while you can still manage them. Software and hardware solutions to be used in optimizing productivity of everyone.

Integrated Security Systems

Safeguarding your system while achieving company goals with productive tools.

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Provide business with integrated technology infrastructure solutions, personalized to company requirements, budget, and environment


At DSI, our consulting services begin with a conversation to assess and understand your existing technology environment, immediate requirements, and your long-range objectives.


Our client is always part of the design process, with our experienced engineers and technicians educating you at every step.


As DSI begins to implement your business solutions, we aim to keep network downtime to a minimum, while ensuring quality customer service.


As maintaining your IT systems and infrastructure is vitally important, our services do not end at implementation.

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Equipping you with marketing strategies and materials that would help you have an edge from your competition

Digital Signage

Deploying of content without being present in any of the assigned location.

Graphic Creations

We create stunning materials based on the compelling message you want to send across.

Website Services

Transform your brand by going digital – let us handle your website.

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Intelligent and proactive security solutions that could help solve crime and customer retention issues


Recordings for surveillance inside offices including branches to safeguard important items of the organization.

Data Security

Protecting client data while improving the customer experience with value-added services.

Integrated Security Systems

Protecting surveillance recordings from breaches.

Workforce Solutions

Have access grants in managing your video network remotely with quality software and hardware tools .

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Keeping bank customers and employees up-to-date is not just a challenge; it’s an industry requirement

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Digital Signage

Providing relevant information that you can showcase to make use of conference screens when there is no meeting.

Workforce Solutions

High-quality desktops where you can organize your own conference.

Interactive Whiteboard Solutions

Make your conference more interactive and collaborative with learning tools that you can make use during calls and meetings.

VoIP Business Telephony

UC terminal solutions unify voice, video and collaboration regardless of locations and branches.

Room Utilization Monitoring

Manage your shared workspaces - Schedule easily and efficiently.

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Deliver important information to your employees so they can be more efficient at their job

Digital Signage

Content management solutions that would help you deploying dynamic content to the right market at the right time.

Graphic Creations

Dynamic and rich content to make display of information more attention-grabbing to its viewers.


Mobile tablets that you can use in showcasing your content wherever you are.

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