role of I.T. in Pharmaceutical & Healthcare

For several years now, IT has had a major impact on the working lives of millions of people. With the involvement of technology with this industry, it has helped in improving quality health care, developed automation of information like medical records, and reducing medication errors. At DSI, we are one with you in terms of providing quality service while making lives easier for everyone through technology solutions.


Transform the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare industry as you transform lives with these smart technologies that would help you be better at your field

Integrated Security

Ensure critical devices are ready to use when your patients and employees need them most by fixing problems before they occur with predictive maintenance.

Workforce Solutions

Useful technologies that help your employees make informed, effective decisions about your patients’ health.

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Improve patient care and inventory management while reducing operational costs

Digital Signage

Content management solution that you can use to keep your information board updated real-time.

Workforce Solutions

Providing quality technology so you can provide accurate information to your audience.

Interactive Whiteboard Solutions

Interactive screens for better information presentation.

Graphic Creation

Enhanced product awareness with Medical animations, illustrations, infographics and creative designs

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Push announcements to your hospital phones to ensure that your patients and their loved ones are well-informed

Digital Signage

A platform where your content can be deployed to multiple channels like your IP phones on every location in the hospital.

VoIP Business Telephony

Complete phone systems where multiple rooms can be interconnected via the internet.

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Improving access to latest medical information through clinical collaboration and communication

VoIP Business Telephony

Optimal communication that is vital to providing patients with the best care.

Workforce Solution

Complete software and hardware that would be essential for a smoother and systematized communication.

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Intelligent and proactive security solutions that could help solve crime and customer service issues


Have the right to feel safe –providing medical care without risk, just as patients need to feel safe and relaxed in order to recover.

Data Security

Manage healthcare compliance, simplify the security experience.

Integrated Security Systems

Operationalizing cybersecurity by safeguard patient records and sensitive information.

Workforce Solutions

Technologies that enables you to access and manage your surveillance network.

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Recommendations that can bring diverse and deep experience to every healthcare engagement


At DSI, our consulting services begin with a conversation to assess and understand your existing technology environment, immediate requirements, and your long-range objectives.


Our client is always part of the design process, with our experienced engineers and technicians educating you at every step.


As DSI begins to implement your business solutions, we aim to keep network downtime to a minimum, while ensuring quality customer service.


As maintaining your IT systems and infrastructure is vitally important, our services do not end at implementation.

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Enabling you to send personally targeted campaigns to each one of your thousands of patients

Digital Signage

Flexible, dynamic and engaging, which can improve your patient and visitor experience, build community and empower your staff.

Graphic Creation

Providing rich visuals with a purpose that serves the industry’s set of goals.

Website Services

Engage and retain a well-diverse website with robust online presence.

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