Role of I.T. in Public & Government

We live in a time where technology is booming and has become a huge part of our lives. Working for a Public and Government sector, your constituents also serve as your bosses and superiors. This industry aims to deliver quality public service and with the help of Information Technology, this will possible than ever. Learn how DSI solutions can help the Public & Government industry excel as public servants.


Helping government employees to reduce paperwork and increase productivity

Integrated Security Systems

Protect confidential data and ensure organizations stay compliant with regulations.

Workforce Solutions

Solutions that grants civil servants freedom to work wherever they need to be to improve public service.

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Surveillance solutions for property protection, law enforcement and emergency response


Recordings for surveillance to ensure safety for everyone.

Data Security

Secure citizens’ private information by strengthening data security.

Integrated Security Systems

Achieving real-time breach prevention.

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Providing strategies on end-to-end information management solutions and services for public sector, with a key focus all sorts of governments


At DSI, our consulting services begin with a conversation to assess and understand your existing technology environment, immediate requirements, and your long-range objectives.


Our client is always part of the design process, with our experienced engineers and technicians educating you at every step.


As DSI begins to implement your business solutions, we aim to keep network downtime to a minimum, while ensuring quality customer service.


As maintaining your IT systems and infrastructure is vitally important, our services do not end at implementation.

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Boosting productivity while lowering administrative expenses through optimized communication

VoIP Business Telephony

Flexible and cost efficient phone systems that would help them be more responsive to emergencies and important calls.

Workforce Solution

Secure technologies that will optimize your communication.

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Improve both your front-facing communications and back-office efficiencies

Digital Signage

Flexible CMS tool that would help you deliver announcements and public messages across multiple districts.

Graphic Creation

Create content legibility and readability that enables interactions to be seen and understood by the user and the viewer.

Interactive Whiteboard Solutions

Make your digital signage more dynamic with the touch screen capability of large format displays.

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We provide better marketing strategies tailor-fit to your needs so you can better serve the public

Digital Signage

Empowers institutions and agencies at the federal, state, and local levels to communicate with the public and employees more effectively.

Graphic Creations

Visual products that convey compelling messages you want to send across.

Website Services

Transforming your online presence with smart and informative websites.

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