Role of I.T. in Real Estate

By becoming a driving force for real estate agents and companies market to their clients, Information Technology has helped both parties to get what they want. Technology played a key role to the development and advancement of the industry. Here at DSI, we provide complete solutions suitable for this booming industry.


Maintain a competitive edge with complete solutions

Integrated Security Systems

Reasonable precaution that alerts you so you are still protected

Workforce Solutions

Organize, automate and streamline complex lease and tenant activities.

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We provide and enhance your digital presence across multiple channels

Digital Signage

Create a silence salesman through dynamic displays with complete content management solutions.

Graphic Creations

We create stunning materials based on the compelling message you want to send across.

Website Services

Reach your market by going digital with a well diverse website.

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Improve both your front-facing communications and back-office efficiencies

Digital Signage

Turn your lobby into a selling arena, boost your company's profile & empower you to connect with your clients.

Workforce Solutions

Streamline content display on all screens registered.

Interactive Whiteboard Solutions

Make your signage more dynamic with touch screen capabilities of large scale displays.

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Leverage their communications infrastructure and meet regulatory and compliance requirements

VoIP Business Telephony

Stay connected anywhere with easily managed communication systems

Workforce Solution

Streamline communication with remote agents and office based employees with software and hardware solutions

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Surveillance solutions for property protection and public safety


Recordings for surveillance or other private purposes.

Network Infrastructure Solution

Secure clients’ private information by strengthening data security.

Integrated Security Systems

Safeguarding confidential videos and recordings from risks and threats.

Workforce Solutions

Being able to access and monitor video recordings regardless of any location.

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Recommending strategies that can progress their management and technology


At DSI, our consulting services begin with a conversation to assess and understand your existing technology environment, immediate requirements, and your long-range objectives.


Our client is always part of the design process, with our experienced engineers and technicians educating you at every step.


As DSI begins to implement your business solutions, we aim to keep network downtime to a minimum, while ensuring quality customer service.


As maintaining your IT systems and infrastructure is vitally important, our services do not end at implementation.

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