role of I.T. in retail

Information Technology plays a huge role in retail operations as complex as it gets. Essentially, IT has becoming a need for this industry because of the benefits they could get out of it. By speeding up operations and controlling data information, the retail industry has been efficient in other aspects of the business. Let DSI show you how these solutions can be effective for your business

Marketing Solution

Engage customers and prospects by providing relevant content across multiple channels.

Website Services

Connect digital shoppers to your local stores with a good website.

Graphic Creations

Enhance your brand experience with great visuals.

Digital Signage

Deliver your message to the right audience that would help you boost your sales performance.

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POS Upscale

Upgrade your POS by maximizing resources and delivering the right content for your market.

POS hardware

Make life at your retail stores with the right POS equipment.

Workforce Solution

Track sales, inventory and customer info with easy-to-use application.

Integrated Security Systems

Secure your POS data by reducing the need for complex softwares.

Digital Signage

POS digital signage enables businesses to promote or advertise right at the point of purchase.

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Workforce Solution

Provide the necessary technology and tools for you to be better at what you’re doing.

Workforce Solutions

Gives you reliable office tools that you can use on the daily operations of your business. Providing innovative consumer, commercial and enterprise technology that you can utilize for your retail operations to work efficiently.

Integrated Security Systems

Protect your computers and electronic devices from threats and malware. Monitor employee performance from inter-branch down to your employee.

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Unified Communications

Coordinate with staff seamlessly, communicate discreetly, and collaborate more productively.

VoIP Business Telephony

Make inter-branch communication easy just like calling a local extension at your main office! Keep connected with state-of-the-art UC&C terminal products to make calls a whole lot easier with quality hardware streamlining your phone systems for a smooth connection.

Integrated Security Systems

Protecting your overall IT environment; useful for protecting inventory and sales information. Store and save important information that your branches can access remotely and well protected from intruders.

Workforce Solution

Work anytime, anywhere with productive softwares to help you succeed with complete computer solutions that would help you in other aspects of your retail operations.

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Security Deployment

Ensure security. Keep everything protected from your consumers to your employees.

Data Security

Make crimes almost impossible with effective surveillance systems. Safeguard video recordings that might be subject to digital threats.

Interactive Whiteboard Solution

that will show you different perspectives of your overall security setup.

Integrated Security Systems

Minimize in-store theft and any possible criminal activity with a scalable surveillance system and strengthen compliance management of your retail operations to provide a safer environment for your consumers.

Workforce Solutions

Empower digital workplace for retail operations while still being protected with powerful OS that will help you manage your surveillance network by storing and accessing them into servers to your PCs remotely.

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IT Consultancy

Professional recommendations on how you can make the most out of your overall IT system to be able to reduce risk.


At DSI, our consulting services begin with a conversation to assess and understand your existing technology environment, immediate requirements, and your long-range objectives.


Our client is always part of the design process, with our experienced engineers and technicians educating you at every step.


As DSI begins to implement your business solutions, we aim to keep network downtime to a minimum, while ensuring quality customer service.


As maintaining your IT systems and infrastructure is vitally important, our services do not end at implementation.

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