Arrive® provides innovative solutions that offer unified communications networked media solutions.

Arrive offers end-to-end solution components for today's smart workspaces. This includes room scheduling and signage, video collaboration and presentation, wired and wireless connectivity, and a central resource management that integrates all components.

Interactive Room Signs

Digital Signage, Reservation, and Resource Management

Arrive InfoPoint™ can schedule reservations for meeting and learning spaces. Reservations can be done remotely using popular calendar platforms from MS Exchange, Ofc365 and Google's G Suite. Users can also create a walk-up reservation with only a few touches to the InfoPoint screen.

To schedule the room, just touch “Book” and set the time and meeting length. The device shows daily, as well as weekly room reservation information, remaining time of on-going bookings, daily and weekly calendars, plus assistance with other available rooms in the building. This eliminates booking conflicts and ensures that rooms are utilized efficiently.
Arrive InfoPoint not only provides booking information right outside the room, but functions as a digital signage system displaying media, announcements, alerts, and other information.The integrated touch-screen display comes with a personalized branding option for company logos, and ability to change background themes. It can also post sticky notes for meeting attendees, provide local weather data, and give alerts to facility managers when a room equipment needs attention.
The Arrive InfoPoint™ 2.0 software is a room booking and signage application for 3rd party tablets. It provides excellent value as a feature packed software that works Solo (standalone mode), or as a client to a central management server console, the Arrive OnePoint 2.0 Server platform. It provides simple, scalable ways to book rooms from a calendar client, a web client or on device, for a single room to enterprise-wide multiple venues in different locations.
InfoView™ is a kiosk application designed to show summary information on room schedules for a specific building. InfoView acts as a single point-of-information providing comprehensive meeting information for people entering a building.
  • Kiosk application that provides a comprehensive, single point of information for venue status and booking schedule
  • Indicates meeting start and end times, name of the venue, duration of meetings, and room availability status
  • Shows an optimum number of rows per page as a function of building size and floor levels
  • Easy and intuitive navigational controls between pages

Media Collaboration

Wireless BYOD Media Collaboration and Presentation

The Arrive MediaPoint™ product line marks the industry’s first generation of universally integrated devices – supporting the most commonly used wireless and wired connectivity platforms in a single device. Arrive MediaPoint comes in several models – from a compact wireless gateway to a 4-in-1 unified media collaboration hub – supporting Apple AirPlay*, WiFi Miracast and Intel WiDi on the same integrated platform.

It can be used for wireless BYOD media management in classrooms, huddle rooms, meeting rooms and hotel guest rooms, and integrates seamlessly with HD displays. All are designed to provide cost effective interface for tabletop applications and can be easily installed easily.
Arrive AirPoint is a perfect solution for wireless screen sharing in huddle rooms, small to medium sized meeting rooms, training or class rooms. AirPoint works out of the box, allowing users to connect to the device’ WiFi and start sharing. For an even more seamless sharing experience, AirPoint can be connected to an organization’s network wirelessly or through the built-in LAN port.
The HuddlePoint is ideal for smaller spaces such as huddle rooms used as meeting, working or learning spaces, and many other applications. It integrates seamlessly with HD displays and provides a dedicated port to connect a Wireless Media Presenter of your choice. The HuddlePoint has a built-in 3:1 USB 3.0 hub for connecting a USB Camera, Microphone and Interactive Flat Panel Display to User Laptops; along with built-in user selectable display switcher/scalar for wired HDMI, DisplayPort and VGA (scaled to HDMI). Its Universal Fast Charge USB Ports support mainstream Smartphones and Tablet devices 5V DC Max 2.4A.

Video Collaboration

Virtual face-to-face collaboration

Arrive FacePoint®

Arrive FacePoint® Extreme Video Collaboration Media provides customers the opportunity to enjoy Arrive’s EdgelessMedia experience during video conferences in meeting rooms, conference rooms, boardrooms, class rooms and training rooms by providing cloud, BYOD, and legacy wired media connectivity.Arrive FacePoint further extends the video conference and content sharing experience by allowing the use of any one, or multiples of established video conference platforms. This enables customer experience to expand beyond the room by enabling the desktop HD video collaboration functions provided by many platforms across meeting spaces.

Arrive FacePoint® Codec Control

The Arrive FacePoint® 1151-EMT NUC is a compact codec control processor appliance embedded with the Arrive FacePoint EMT collaboration software that is optimized to deliver video collaboration, presentation, and control functions across a variety of meeting, huddle, and learning spaces.

Arrive FacePoint® EMT app

The Arrive FacePoint® EMT application is the ultimate collaboration solution that is easy, smart and secure. It seamlessly brings multiple technologies together into a single application to collaborate, present and control. The FacePoint EMT app can be installed and launched from a NUC PC or other collaboration processor that connects to a single, interactive screen and other in-room collaboration peripherals such as speakers, a microphone and a conference camera.

Arrive ControlPoint™ 10”

The Arrive ControlPoint™ ACP-1000-CT is a 10” tablet console with integrated Arrive ControlPoint™ edition software application that seamlessly connects to Arrive’s leading edge OnePoint EMServer to provide unobtrusive control over all connected devices. This conference room control system is part of Arrive FacePoint’s room system which provides video collaboration, presentation and control from the convenience of a touch console.

Arrive ControlPoint™ 13”

The Arrive ControlPoint™ ACP-1300-CT is a larger than industry standard 13” tablet video conference control console with integrated Arrive ControlPoint™ edition software application that seamlessly connects to Arrive’s leading edge OnePoint EMServer to provide unobtrusive control over all connected devices. The ACP-1300-CT is typically placed on the table or wall mounted, and enables users to interact with software user interface created buttons and other controls and customized for the environment using Arrive OnePoint EMServer as the central provisioning tool.

Resource Management

Connect, Control, and Manage from a central resource manager platform

The Arrive OnePoint IoT Server® is a Unified Resource Management Platform, provided in an enterprise class unified service package that enables central management of all the data and information requirements for meeting and learning spaces.

As a central resource management server software, it provisions and centrally manages room schedules, collaboration, and other work spaces – providing calendar synchronization, scheduling management, device specific application provisioning, collaboration platform interface, digital signage, announcements, catering and integration with room environment and device control.
  • Universal Calendar Synchronization
  • Unified Global Management
  • Cloud Application Delivery
  • Cloud based Room Environment and AV Controls
  • Automatically detects active Arrive devices
  • Easy to navigate menu divided into main divisions and a sub-menu quick link for frequently accessed pages
  • Friendly and simple user icons
  • Provides preview windows for branding or control theme functions
  • Provides import/export functions for OnePoint control settings to easily control replication in similar room settings
  • Provides room control feedback and customized theme functions


People and Spaces as a connected managed platform


Arrive is driving smart spaces by offering end-to-end room technology solutions that provides ease of use, yet are flexible and intelligent enough to enhance user experience and support business goals like energy savings and efficient room utilization.


Arrive's edgeless learning makes it very easy for you to build your classrooms for tomorrow. The collaborative learning space experience must be a place of sharing ideas, creativity and dynamic learning.


Arrive's mission is to connect people and spaces under one cognitive, open framework. As the number of connected devices grow from billions to hundreds of billions, the need for a cognitive framework becomes critical in the management of physical and virtual spaces and connecting them to people.


Arrive designed an intelligent managed services solution that can be launched from the Arrive OnePoint Server. Its main aim is to allow system integrators and technology providers to manage customers' device issues, maintain support services and other functions proactively.


Arrive offers a unified resource management system for today's intelligent guest room. This includes the ability to integrate AV devices, control systems, room scheduling and signage, video conferencing platform, wired and wireless connectivity, and access to data analytics, reports and support management.


Arrive OnePoint’s suite of applications and tools meet the need of your facility.


Arrive OnePoint Managed framework enables


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