Streamline dissemination of trusted data to the right audience

Enable organizations to display important and time-sensitive messages in a way that captures viewer attention by providing a visual experience — and one that can be audio and interactive as well


Interactive Whiteboard Solutions

Make your idle whiteboard as another form of signage display when not in use

Multipurpose Projectors

Projectors can be used for learning and display – use them wisely as needed

School Directory and Wayfinder

Provide directions and maps that help to direct students to places of interest or new buildings

Announcement Board

Welcome students and provide necessary content that students and teachers truly want to see

Outdoor Advertising Display

Advertise your institution and what it can offer to neighboring families

Office Monitors and Queuing System

Lessen waiting times for parents and students inside admin offices while they wait for their turn


Systemized dissemination of information

With one centralized location, content can be changed and updated regardless of the screens’ locations.

Cost effectiveness

Expenses is used wisely since it now alleviates the burden of manually updating your screens.

Improve interaction

Your signages don’t just serve as a display but also can help out students with its interactivity feature.




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