Make your guests feel at home

Upscale your overall ambience while providing necessary information to boost the guest experience


Mobile Concierge

Deliver information to your guests on-demand on their own time

Guest room signage & booking system

Custom video presentations are not reserved for digital displays around your location. You can also integrate them with in-room television entertainment

Interactive Phone Booths

Use an idle phone as a signage display. Use your hotel phones as a marketing tool that can upsell your products and services

Digital Wayfinding Kiosk

Use signs as a way to direct people around the establishment and highlight special points of interest

Digital Announcement Board

Post your hotel brand name and marketing materials throughout the location

Employee Communication Tool

Highlight on employee empowerment by recognizing employee efforts and commending them for a job well done


Efficient branding

Streamline your brand and promotions with one point of content distribution.

Upgraded customer service

Concierge desks can advertise and present information for tickets to shows, attractions, and other events. Hotel specials and other services specific to your location and concierge expertise can be looped in for maximum exposure.

24/7 operations

Welcome your guests at any time of the day with dynamic displays to match your brand and the location’s ambiance.




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