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Features & Capabilities

Simple but
powerful user interface

Drag-and-drop to upload or arrange content items of any kind from images, to videos and web pages. Highly visual, clean and intuitive layout. Remotely control your content, scheduling, configurations, user accounts, security and more.


Enjoy an automated experience as you assign pre-scheduled campaigns that will be displayed to one or all screens. Real-time updates on certain campaigns can be easily done in a touch of a finger. Create campaigns with different content while being able to synchronized update.


You can remotely manage, update and maintain your digital signage network 24/7 in one portal access. Detect any potential problems and pre-emptively correct them as well as respond to almost any potential problem at only a moment’s notice. It allows you to view the screen status of all your displays in one place.

Multi-OS Portal and Access Control Lists

Manage your screens in one portal from anywhere using various OS channels at any time of the day. Grant access to specific users in the portal. Assign certain areas to which users can access in the portal for security measures.


Manage your content by organizing them into groups. Assign certain campaigns on different screens registered. Upload as much as you like and integrate multiple content format like images, videos, websites, RSS feeds and social media accounts to your campaign. Make your content more engaging and interactive to your audience. Create a campaign under an hour and you’re good to go!

and Reports

Provide measurable content through analytics and algorithm. Target your advertising and measure its effectiveness in real time. Audience measurement information is captured and returned real-time to the server for immediate analysis of viewer trends. The data can also be used on the device to display targeted information for particular audiences.


Easy Installation and Integration

Minimize the time you spend in setting up and installing your system. Our cloud-based solution makes everything easy and accessible. It's the perfect choice for business with who would rather focus the priorities of their IT staff elsewhere. Don't get bogged down by extra technology; let DSI manage it for you.

Less Cost for More Opportunities

Go paperless. Efficiently shift your costs towards new and more innovative campaigns. Don't wait for your collaterals to be printed. Cascade them in real-time and directly transmit them to your stores. DSI enables you to become more aggressive with your marketing efforts. Changing your content is now hassle-free.

Control And Security

Manage your campaigns whenever you want, wherever you are with just a touch of a button. Apart from DSI's standard desktop portal, our mobile-friendly capability means that you don't have to be in the office to manage your campaigns. Grant access to certain users and be able to work as a team remotely. Take control of marketing and your business.

Reach the right people

Visual marketing is the most important form of content for businesses. Your market is more likely to remember information if a relevant image/video is paired with it. Tell your story the right way. Market your unique value proposition to the right people at exactly the right time. Let DSI show you how easy it is to communicate with your market.





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