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Revolutionize Teamwork and Business meetings in your workplace and Learn what Advantages Interactive Whiteboards have to offer for the modern workplace.

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Harness the Power of Technology to Bring what once seems to be Impossible in to Reach!

Promote Faster, Data-driven Decision Making

Does your office have a culture of long meetings that quickly become all talk and no action? Whiteboards can cut through the clutter, promoting faster decision making that’s driven by data – not talk.

Interactive whiteboards make it easy to present and share information, putting data at the front and center of all discussions. Since whiteboards reduce the need for travel and increase memory and data retention, key stakeholders can have a focused discussion and move forward with confidence. This can have an immediate impact on your productivity.

Turn Meetings into Collaborative Productions

Instead of spending 30 minutes on one-way presentations being shared across a PowerPoint presentation; an interactive whiteboard allows colleagues to engage with the information being discussed. Files can be easily shared, accessed, edited, and saved all on the interactive whiteboard. Meeting leaders can emphasize things in real-time—making changes to whatever topic is at hand as feedback is received from coworkers.

No Dry Erase Markers Needed (Touch Technology)

Forget the mouse and finicky pointers. All your presentation information is at your fingertips — literally — as you can use from one to five fingers to gesture and interact with touch-screen whiteboards. Increased efficiency with the added bonus of no marker stains on your hand.

Precise Multi-Touch Interaction

Highly accurate sensors detect object size enabling you to use an extremely fine pen tip for detailed writing and drawing.

Increase Collective and Individual Memory

Since whiteboards can be used for group note taking, brainstorming, and the presentation of information, they can help team members remember — and be more accountable — for information shared.
Because meeting content can be captured and shared digitally, there is no longer a need for a staff member to record and share meeting minutes.

Cost-effective Solution for the Workplace

Since whiteboards are versatile solutions for video and phone conferences, presentations, webinars, meetings, and more, you can invest in one tool and use it in many ways. If you are tired of spending money on technology that is expensive and limited in use, you’ll enjoy the low cost and widespread use case for this simple tool.

Go-anywhere Productivity Solutions

Whiteboards can go anywhere, turning a hallway, empty office, or other space into a place for productive meetings, phone conferences, and video conferences. If you have been looking for a way to increase productivity and make the most use of your office space, whiteboards can help.

Key Features at a Glance


A Tablet-like Experience on your ActivePanel!

Award-winning Instructional Software

Create and deliver dynamic, cloud-based assessments on your ActivPanel. The G-Series allows you to easily launch your presentations, webinars, meetings, and more, Promethean's award-winning instructional software.

ActivConnect G-Series collaboration device

The Promethean ACON1-G ActivConnect revolutionizes your office space by creating a superior collaboration environment. An external, upgradeable Android™ powered processor that gives your ActivPanel tablet-like capabilities. The G-Series enables wireless mirroring of mobile devices onto the ActivPanel. Instantly you can download and use your favorite apps from any Android App Store, launch the Instant Whiteboard to write or draw, and presentation of information. .

Wi-Fi-Enabled With Seamless Connectivity

ActivConnect eliminates cross-platform connectivity issues. Easily connect Windows®, Mac OS®, iOS®, Chrome OS™, or Android™ wirelessly to start mirroring.-Precise Multi

Award-Winning Instructional Software

Create and deliver dynamic, cloud-based presentations, webinars, meetings, and more, on your ActivPanel. ActivConnect allows you to easily launch ClassFlow, Promethean's award-winning instructional software.


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Interactive Whiteboard for Business

  • Introducing Promethean\'s All-New ActivPanel
    Introducing Promethean's All-New ActivPanel
  • Promethean ActivPanel: Full HD & 4K Ultra HD Displays
    Promethean ActivPanel: Full HD & 4K Ultra HD Displays
  • Promethean Web and Video Conferencing
    Promethean Web and Video Conferencing
  • Promethean ActivConnect
    Promethean ActivConnect
  • Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel
    Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Visio
    Microsoft Visio
  • Emergency Response
    Emergency Response
  • Health Care
    Health Care


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